Car Storage

Have you got a classic ride you want to keep safe? Are you going away and don’t want to leave your new car out on the street? Maybe you have a number of vehicles that you want to keep protected in a secure location.

At Mid Sussex Storage we offer secure car storage for the whole of Sussex.

  • Affordable storage for all makes of car.
  • 24 hour CCTV and owner on-site.
  • Number plate recognition technology.
  • Secure collection and drop-off at our premises.
  • Fully secure perimeter protection.

If you’re looking for a safe location where you can drop off your car, Mid Sussex Storage has the perfect solution. Got an Escort in Eastbourne, a BMW in Brighton or a Maserati in Mayfield? Whatever your make of car, we’ll keep it safe and secure on our alarmed premises.

With excellent rates, we provide the most cost effective car storage in the Sussex area.


Secure premises that you can trust are hard to find. If you have a car in Sussex and you need to store it for a while, using us makes perfect sense. We’re a local business that has been delivering great quality over the years and we have all the facilities in place to ensure that your vehicle stays safe for a long as it’s with us.

With all round CCTV and the owner permanently on-site, you can rest easy in the knowledge that someone is watching over your car. We also protect vehicles from weather damage and even have pest and vermin control onsite.

Excellent security lighting and controlled access to the property means you can park up and leave your car with us without having to worry.

Professional Service

We’re based in Hassock’s in the heart of Sussex and have a great reputation for providing a friendly and professional service. Our customers come from all corners of Sussex and we like nothing better than to tailor to their individual needs.

  • You might be a vintage car owner and want a safe location for your vehicle.
  • Perhaps you have a fleet of cars and need somewhere to store them while they’re not being used.
  • Maybe you’re heading off on holiday or spending time abroad and require safe storage for your vehicle for a couple of weeks or several months.

Whatever you need, Mid Sussex Storage can deliver. Our professional team will be able to assess your needs and create the comprehensive storage package you need.

Contact Us

With 24 hour CCTV and secure perimeter protection, you’ll be able to leave your car with us and be sure it’s safe. We operate a full fire protection policy and have fire extinguishers on site. We can also protect your vehicle against weather damage. Controlled access and a secure drop-off and collection compound ensures you’ll be confident that your vehicle is kept safe at all times.

You don’t want to take a chance on storage for your car. We make sure your vehicle is kept safe for as long as it’s with us.

Contact our professional and friendly car storage team on 07734694256 today to find out more.